Pi Day 2018

Pi on the piano

Birthday in Pi

Lots of Pi activities

Name in Pi

Pi Games – Pi Runner

Pi Games – Pi Climber

Pi Games – Pi Climber (Moving Up Is Free)

Visualizing Pi

Interactive Circumference

Study Jams – Pi

BrainPOP – Pi

The Pi Episode – Math Bites with Danica McKellar

Pi is Beautiful – Numberphile

History of Pi

Pi Art

Happy Pi Day (3.14) Domino Spiral


Solving Inequalities

Virtual Nerd – Subtraction Inequalities

Virtual Nerd – Addition Inequalities

Virtual Nerd – Division Inequalities (with a positive number)

Virtual Nerd – Multiplication Inequalities (with a positive number)

Virtual Nerd – Division Inequalities (with a negative number)

Virtual Nerd – Multiplication Inequalities (with a negative number)

Virtual Nerd – Graphing Inequalities

Solving Inequalities – An Overview

Solving Inequalities – MathIsFun

Khan Academy – Solving a Two-Step Inequality

Solving Equations and Inequalities – Jeopardy

Solving Inequalities – Math Play

Quia – Rags to Riches Inequalities



Solving One-Step Equations

Study Jams – Addition and Subtraction Equations

Study Jams – Multiplication and Division Equations

BrainPOP – Equations with Variables

Virtual Nerd – Solving Subtraction Equations

Virtual Nerd – Solving Addition Equations

Virtual Nerd – Solving Multiplication Equations

Virtual Nerd – Solving Division Equations

Soccer Math

Hoop Shoot

Circle Addition Equation

Solving Division Equations

Solving Subtraction Equations

Equation Battleship





Order of Operations

Virtual Nerd – What’s the Order of Operations?

Virtual Nerd – Which Operations Do You Do First in an Expression?

Virtual Nerd – How Do You Simplify an Expression Using the Order of Operations?

Study Jams – Order of Operations

BrainPOP – Order of Operations

Order Ops

The Order of Operations Game – Millionaire Style

Order of Operations Mystery Puzzle

Order of Operations – Rags to Riches

Order of Operations – Click on the Operation